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TMCS New Site Announcement

Hello everyone! We’re proud to announce an overhaul of that we will be releasing soon. We’ve dramatically improved the speed of the website and brought in a fresh, new look. The new website not only gives us an opportunity to improve the user experience, but also gives us a flexible, new base to allow

Miami Node is Down!

Hey everyone, We just got news the Miami node in which our list is hosted has gone down. We are already in communication with our cloud provider to get this resolved as soon as possible. We apologize for this short inconvenience. Here is their official message: We are going to be monitoring this all night

Top Minecraft Servers is LIVE!

Hey everyone, After 3+ months of development, our amazing Minecraft server list, Top Minecraft Servers, is finally done! Top Minecraft Servers will be offering features that no other Minecraft server list currently offers. Like, hourly statistics for player votes, banner impressions to see how effective your current banner is, and even players delivered, that way