Category: Changelog

Vote Page Update!

Hey Everyone,   We have updated our vote page with 2 small changes. First, we have made the vote button larger and swapped its location with the go back button. We had received some reports that this button was a bit confusing for visitors by being located on the right side. Additionally, we renamed it

Home Page Filters Update

Hey everyone, We have updated our server’s filter system to only show Minecraft Categories. The Reason: The other filters we had were taking value off the top 15 Minecraft servers that we rank based on user votes. Therefore, we made it so website visitors can find the top Minecraft servers as smoothly as possible, while

Unique Voter Bug Fix!

Hey everyone! We have fixed a small bug that was allowing players to vote for the same username using different IP addresses. Originally, we were tracking only IP addresses and not usernames, which meant a player could vote with username X and then change their IP, and then vote again for username X. Now, that has been

Cloudflare Unique IP Address Fix!

Hey Everyone, This morning we noticed that votes looked a bit low in some of the servers. After a couple of hours, we found that Cloudflare was not forwarding each visitor’s IP correctly, which resulted in our daily voting cool down to confuse each player’s individual cooldown timer. That being said, we managed to fix the issue and just

SSL Added!

Hey everyone, Just letting you know now has SSL fully enabled. Meaning, the communication between your computer and our website is 100% encrypted. Thanks for suggesting it 🙂   Best Regards, TMCS Staff Team

Server Page Update!

Hey Everyone,   Top Minecraft Servers “server page” has been updated with a small layout change. Originally, the “copy server ip” button was located in the top right of the page. Now, we have reduced the size of the “Copy IP” button to add a “Vote” button next to it. That way, players will be

Home Page Update!

Hey everyone, A small home page layout change has been pushed at Top Minecraft Servers! Before, we were showing player votes in a column, and online players/status on another within a light green bar: Now, we have removed player votes, and added the player count to that column. Also, the status column will only show online